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AKG CU4000 Twin Charger 2 x Beltpacks For HT4000/ PT3999

Product Code: AKCU4000
Manufacturer: AKG

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  • Intelligent battery supply system comprising CU 4000 charging unit and BP 4000 battery pack
  • Microprocessor controlled charge/discharge monitoring function
  • One-hour quick charging and Battery Recovery Management
  • Charging compartment allows battery pack to be charged inside the transmitter

The CU 4000 revolutionizes battery management for wireless systems. The heart of the supply system is the BP 4000 rechargeable battery pack with built-in active monitoring circuitry. An integrated microprocessor continuously monitors battery status and accurately calculates the remaining battery life. This puts an end to the nightmare of batteries failing in the middle of a performance. A processor controlled pulse charging system charges the battery pack quickly yet gently, and the integrated "Charge Balance Management" feature makes sure that only as much energy is fed to the battery pack as had previously been drawn from it. In addition, several monitoring circuits and a temperature sensor prevent the battery pack from being overcharged.

A self-discharge counter does not only measure battery discharge during operation but also determines the charge level after prolonged storage periods. As charging begins, the BP 4000 circuitry sends all relevant data to the CU 4000 charger to "tailor" the charging process exactly to the needs of the battery pack. To eliminate memory effect, the CU 4000 automatically checks whether the battery pack needs a recovery cycle and automatically starts the cycle after the user has con- firmed the start command. The charger provides two dedicated compartments for charging two HT 4000/4500 or PT 4000/4500 or SPR 4 transmitters or two battery packs at the same time. The BP 4000 plus CU 4000 system is an investment that will quickly help reduce battery cost and reduce environmental hazards from used batteries.

Charging current: 1.5 A Operating voltage: 12 VDC, 1.3 A Charging time: 1 hour typical Recovery cycle: approx. 8 hours Dimensions: 92 x 173 x 85 mm (3.6 x 6.8 x 3.3 in.) Weight: approx. 580 g (1.2 lbs.)

The intelligent charging system shall comprise a charger and two dedicated battery packs. The charger shall feature a rugged plastic case with two multifunctional charging receptacles for charging the WMS 4000/4500 transmitters, the SPR 4 or the dedicated battery pack. Each charging receptacle shall accept either a handheld transmitter, a bodypack transmitter, or the dedicated battery pack and it shall be possible to charge any combination of these devices (e.g., an HT 4500 and a battery pack). The battery pack may remain inside the transmitter during charging. The charger shall use high-tech, microprocessor-controlled charging circuitry with trickle charging, automatic shutoff at the turning point, and 2-stage overcharging protection. The charger shall automatically check whether the transmitter is on, switch the transmitter off, and charge the battery pack. A bicolor LED shall indicate the charging status at any time, and the typical charging time shall be one hour. The dedicated battery pack shall use an internal RAM to communicate with the charger and control the exact amount of charging depending on the ambient temperature and evaluated data received from the integrated self-discharge counter. The charger shall automatically detect the need for a recovery cycle to minimize the memory effect of the battery pack. The charger shall provide a warning LED to indicate this situation and a key for manually starting the recovery cycle. The typical duration of a recovery cycle shall be 14 hours, the useful life of the battery pack approx. 1200 charging cycles, and the typical battery life per charging cycle 12 hours. The charging current shall be 1.2 A and the operating voltage and current 12 VDC, 1.3 A. The size of the charger shall be 92 x 173 x 85 mm, its weight 580 grams.The size of the battery pack shall be 30.2 x 57.5 x 18 mm, its weight 70 grams. The charging system shall comprise a charger and two dedicated battery packs. The charger shall be the AKG CU 4000, the battery pack the AKG BP 4000.

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