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Klark Teknik DN-360 Dual 30 Band Equaliser

Product Code: KLDN-360
Manufacturer: Klark Teknik

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Very occasionally, a design is so correct from the very start that it needs little or no development over many years.

The KLARK TEKNIK DN360 has been in continuous production for over twenty years with only one minor design revision, and is still the most popular analogue graphic equaliser on the planet.

With over 35,000 units shipped worldwide to date, DN360 has achieved ubiquity in pro-audio circles. So why is it so enduringly popular? Like all KT units it is well designed and engineered to very high standards so will handle continuous road use with only minimal service. They are also very consistent, so engineers using units sourced locally all over the world will get the same response every time.

But perhaps most important of all is the way they sound - it's notoriously difficult to describe sound, but talk to anyone that prefers DN360s to any other graphic and they will use words like ‘musical' ‘smooth' ‘responsive' and ‘great sounding'. Primarily this is because we use proportional-Q filtering, where the ‘Q' value of the frequency increases as the cut or boost increases. This provides a flowing response at low cut / boost values, but also accurate frequency control at higher values.

  • Two x thirty 30mm oil damped precision faders graphically positioned at 1/3 octave ISO frequencies between 25Hz-20kHz
  • Proprietary circuit designs utilising "MELT" filters giving unbeatable performance
  • Comprehensive standard specifications include electronically balanced inputs and LED overload indicators
  • Earth lift switch enables signal and chassis grounds to be isolated eliminating ground-loop problems
  • Useful low cut 18dB/octave filters preventing subsonic components from overloading speakers or amplifiers
  • Equalisation by-pass allowing easy comparison between direct and equalised signals
  • Scale switching gives the choice of either high fader resolution (±6dB) or normal (±12dB)
  • Perspex security cover available to order, for use in permanent sound installations where system calibration has taken place

Architect's & Engineer's Specification

The equaliser shall provide 12dB* of attenuation and accentuation at 2x30 1/3 octave ISO centre frequencies from 25Hz-20kHz. *Selectable to 6dB for increased fader resolution.

Each equaliser shall meet or exceed the following performance specifications:

Distortion: (THD+N) < 0.01% @ 1 kHz,+4 dBu
Frequency response: (0.5dB (20Hz-20kHz)
Noise: <-90dBu (20Hz-20kHz unweighted)
Maximum level into 600Ohm: +22dBu

Each equaliser shall allow for; subsonic frequency attenuation at 18dB/octave, equalisation section by-pass and shall be failsafe, that is the unit shall return automatically to the by-pass condition in the event of power supply interruption.

Each equaliser shall use centre detented slide potentiometers arranged to give a graphical display of frequency plotted against level.

A rear panel switch shall be provided to isolate the signal ground connections, quickly and safely, from the chassis ground.

All audio connections shall be via XLR style connectors and a tamperproof front panel cover shall be available to fit the unit.

The unit shall be capable of operating from a 115/230V +/- 12% 50/60Hz AC power source.

The equaliser shall be the KLARK TEKNIK Dual Channel Model DN360, and no alternative specification option is available.

Technical Specification

  • Input Two
    Type Electronically balanced (pin 3 hot)
    Impedance (ohms)
    Balanced 20k
    Unbalanced 10k

  • Output Two
    Type Unbalanced (pin 3 hot)
    Min. load impedance 600 (ohms)
    Source impedance <60 (ohms)
    Maximum level +22dBu

  • Performance
    Frequency response (20Hz-20kHz)
    Eq out ± 0.5dB
    Eq in (flat) ± 0.5dB
    Distortion (THD+N) < 0.01% @ 1 kHz,+4 dBu
    Equivalent input noise (20Hz-20kHz unweighted) EQ in (flat) <-90dBu
    Channel Seperation >75dB @ 1KHz
    Overload indicator +19dBu
    Gain - 8 to +6dB

  • Filters
    Centre frequencies 2x30, to ISO266:1997 25Hz to 20kHz 1/3 octave
    Tolerance ± 5%
    Maximum boost/cut ± 6/12dB
    Subsonic filter 18dB/octave - 3dB @ 30Hz

  • Terminations
    Input 3 pin XLR
    Output 3 pin XLR
    Power IEC

  • Power Requirements
    Voltage 110/120/220/240V 50/60Hz
    Consumption <15VA

  • Dimensions
    Width 482mm (19 inch)
    Depth 205mm (8 inch)
    Height 133mm (5.25 inch)

  • Weight
    Nett 5.8kg
    Shipping 7kg

  • Options
    Security Cover
    Transformer input* / output balancing
    * Input transformer balancing is non retrofittable and has to be specified with order.

Trade Descriptions Act: Due to the company policy of continuing improvement, we secure the right to alter these specifications without prior notice.

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