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RCF HDL 10-A Active 2-Way Line Array Module 2x8 + 2, 700W RMS, 1400W Peak

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Product Code: RC13040016
Manufacturer: RCF

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The very compact size, no compromise transducers and a unique composite cabinet design make the HDL 10-A the perfect tool in many situations.

Ideal in live sound reinforcement and reliable installed situations. The HDL 10-A is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and a fast and easy set up is a must. The system is powered from a 1400 Watt Peak Power 2 way digital amplifier, sound is processed from a powerful DSP.


The HDL 10-A is a two way active line array module designed for live sound reinforcement and installed sound applications. It features: 2 x 8-inch woofers, 1 x 2.5-inch titanium compression driver, digital amplifier with switch mode power supply and DSP controlled Input section with selectable presets. The HDL 10-A delivers: 133dB max SPL; 1400 Watt peak power (700 Watts RMS); 65Hz – 20kHz frequency response.

 water resistent


The HDL 10-A is a true active and high power ready to use touring system equipped with a high efficiency digital amplifier that delivers superior SPL reducing energy requirement. The integrated processing and the cabling reduction will make the set-up faster and easier and, thanks to its compact size, the truck space requirement is reduced to the minimum.

 water resistent


The integrated processing and the cabling reduction will make the set-up faster and easier.

The compactness and lightweight of the system combined with top of class steel on board mechanics helps during rigging operations as well as during transportation.



The HDL 10-A is powered by a 1400W peak power digital amplifier, split 200W for the HF and 500W for the LF. A new generation DSP handles all the processing within the cabinet and allows adjustment of Cluster size and HF projection. The DSP also includes presets for indoor/outdoor usage and highly curved arrays. All these setting are accessed by the buttons on the rear of the cabinets.

The easy to access controls on the back of the speaker allow a number of simple optimisations to be carried out at the flick of a switch: two possible HF settings, four possible cluster configurations; a special EQ setting for high curved configurations and an Indoor Correction EQ.



MAIN XLR INPUT (BAL/UNBAL). The system accept female XLR input connectors and line level signals from a mixing console or other signal source.

LINK XLR OUTPUT. The output XLR male connector provides a loop trough for speakers daisy chaining.



Controls the volume of the power amplifier. The control ranges from - (maximum attenuation) to the MAX level (maximum output).



POWER INDICATOR. Power on indicator. When the power cord is connected and the power switch is turned on this indicator lights green.

SIGNAL INDICATOR. The signal indicator lights green if there is signal present on the main XLR input.

LIMITER INDICATOR. The amplifier has a built in limiter circuit to prevent clipping of the amplifiers or overdriving the transducers. When the peak clipping circuit is active the LED blinks orange. It is okay if the limit LED blinks occasionally. If the LED blinks frequently or lights continuously, turn down the signal level. The amplifier has a built in RMS limiter. If the RMS limiter is active the LED lights red. The RMS limiter has the purpose to prevent damages the transducers. The speaker shall never be used with the limit indicator red, continuous operation with the RMS protection active can cause damages to the speaker.

 link and active leds


HF. The switch gives the possibility to set high frequencies correction depending on target distance (air absorption correction):

- NEAR (used for pole mount applications or near field)

- FAR (for farthest field).

 link and active leds


The combination of the 2 switches gives 4 possibilities of mid low frequencies correction depending on cluster size.

- 2-3 modules (used for pole mount applications ground stacking)

- 4-6 modules (small flown systems)

- 7-9 modules (medium flown systems)

- 10-16 modules (maximum flown configuration).

 link and active leds


The switch gives the extra possibility to boost mid frequencies depending on a high curving cluster configuration of few pieces.

- OFF (not active correction)

- ON (for high curving arrays of few pieces HDL10A).

 link and active leds


The switch gives the extra possibility to set low frequencies correction depending on a indoor/outdoor use, in order to compensate room reverberation on lows.

- OFF (not active correction)

- ON (correction for reverberant indoor rooms).

 link and active leds



RCF D LINE uses a POWERCON locking 3-pole AC mains. Always use the specific power cord provided in the package.


Use this receptacle to link one or more units. Always make sure that the maximum current requirement does not exceed the maximum admitted POWERCON current. In case of doubt call the closest RCF SERVICE CENTRE.


The power switch turns the AC power ON and OFF. Make sure that the VOLUME is set to - when you turn on the speaker.


In order to assist with the set up procedures for the HDL 10-A line array system, RCF has developed a complete prediction software package.

The software enables a complete two dimensional simulation of the behaviour of the HDL 10-A modules and also suggest the correct subwoofer combination.

The system curvature angles and the sound projection data are computed with maximum sound pressure levels for the given design.

The software will allow simulations up to a maximum of sixteen HDL 10-A systems.

The rigging menu provides data for weight, centre of gravity and length of the array configuration. Rigging points and rigging hardware configurations are also computed. 


1400 Watt Peak power - 700 Watt RMS

133 dB max SPL

65 Hz 20 kHz frequency response

2 x 8" Woofers

1 x 2" Compression Driver

DSP controlled Input section with selectable presets

Tour grade safe and solid variable mechanics

Composite PP enclosure structurally wooden reinforced

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