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Yamaha TF3 Digital Console

Product Code: YATF3
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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In developing the TF series Yamaha engineers built from their existing base of acclaimed high-end mixer interfaces, adding intuitive control in an interface optimized for the type of touch panel control that has become a familiar feature in a wide range of applications. Allowing most operations to be carried out via the touch panel alone, the innovative TF series interface will quickly become second nature to a broad spectrum of users. Whether you have experience with Yamaha digital consoles, work with other digital consoles, operate analog consoles, or have never operated a mixer before, TF consoles will lead you to the desired results quickly and effortlessly through a smooth, efficient workflow. The availability of physical controls surrounding the touch panel further enhances control versatility and precision.

When you need extra precision for a fine EQ or other adjustment, the physical Touch & Turn knob is always available right beside the touch panel. There are also four User Defined Knobs below the panel that can be assigned to control compressor threshold, EQ gain, or other parameters you need fast, direct access to while mixing. The knobs always affect the currently selected channel.

Like the CL series consoles, operation is based around Overview and Selected Channel windows. The overview display shows the parameters for eight channels at a time, while the Touch & Turn knob provides direct access to gain, 1-knob EQTM, 1-knob COMPTM, gate threshold, effect send level, pan, and other parameters. Touch the highlighted parameter a second time to switch to the Selected Channel display when you need access to detailed parameters for finer control.

Faithful reproduction of the on-stage sound is the foundation, then creativity can take over.Yamaha's unswerving approach to live sound reinforcement is alive and well in the TF series.The input stage of any console has a notable effect on its sonic character.The TF consoles feature acclaimed D-PRETM microphone preamplifiers that not only deliver outstanding quality, but are recallable as well. Circuitry and individual components have been reassessed and redesigned where necessary to achieve extraordinarily pure, natural sound. That solid sonic foundation is backed up by an updated selection of high-performance processors and effects. Input and output channel processors such as EQ, gates, and compressors are complemented by eight processors that provide a broad spectrum of creative capabilities.



  • 25 motor faders (24 channels + 1 master)
  • 48 input mixing channels (40 mono + 2 stereo + 2 return)
  • 20 Aux (8 mono + 6 stereo) + Stereo + Sub buses
  • 8 DCA groups with Roll-out
  • 24 analog XLR/TRS combo mic/line inputs + 2 analog RCA pin stereo line inputs
  • 16 analog XLR outputs
  • 34 x 34 digital record/playback channels via USB 2.0 + 2 x 2 via a USB storage device
  • 1 expansion slot for NY64-D audio interface card
  • Compact, portable, and even rack mountable, the TF1 offers impressive capability and versatility for smaller systems.
  • Ample input capacity and hands-on control in a compact console that can handle a wide range of applications.
  • Outline
  • Fader Configuration 24 + 1 (Master) 
  • Mixing Capacity Input Channels 48 (40 mono + 2 stereo + 2 return) 
  • Aux Buses 20 (8 mono + 6 stereo) 
  • Stereo Buses 1 
  • Sub Buses 1 
  • Input channel functions 8 DCA Groups 
  • I/O Inputs 24 mic/line (XLR/TRS combo) + 2 stereo line (RCA pin) 
  • Outputs 16 (XLR) 
  • Expansion slots 1 
  • On-board processors DSP 8 Effects + 10 GEQ 
  • USB 34x34 USB Audio Interface, 2-track recording via USB Storage Device 
  • General specifications
  • Sampling frequency rate Internal 48 kHz 
  • Signal delay Less than 2.6 ms, INPUT to OMNI OUT, Fs=48 kHz 
  • Fader 100 mm motorized, Resolution = 10-bit, +10 dB to -138 dB, -∞ dB all faders 
  • Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.05% 20 Hz-20 kHz @+4 dBu into 600, INPUT to OMNI OUT, Input Gain=Min. (Measured with a -18 dB/octave filter@80 kHz) 
  • Frequency response +0.5, -1.5 dB 20 Hz-20 kHz, refer to +4 dBu output @1kHz, INPUT to OMNI OUT 
  • Dynamic range 110 dB typ., DA Converter, 107 dB typ., INPUT to OMNI OUT, Input Gain=Min. 
  • Hum & noise level Equivalent input noise -128 dBu typ., Input Gain=Max. (Measured with an A-Weight filter) 
  • Residual output noise -85 dBu, ST master off (Measured with an A-Weight filter) 
  • Crosstalk -100 dB (Measured with a -30 dB/octave filter@22 kHz), adjacent INPUT/OMNI OUT channels, Input Gain=Min. 
  • Power requirements 100-240 V 50/60 Hz 
  • Power consumption 110 W 
  • Dimensions W 716 mm (28.2in) 
  • H 225 mm (8.9in) 
  • D 599 mm (23.6in) 
  • Net weight 17.0 kg (37.5lb) 
  • Accessories Quick Guide, Power Cord, CUBASE AI download information 
  • Options Expansion Card, Foot Switch (FC5) 
  • Others Operating temperature range: 0-40 °C, Storage temperature range: -20-60 °C 
  • Analog input characteristics
  • Input Terminals GAIN Load
  • Impedance For Use With
  • Nominal Input Level Connector balanced /
  • Unbalanced
  • Sensitivity*1 Nominal Max. before clip
  • INPUT1-24 +66dB 7.5KΩ
  • 50-600Ω Mics
  • or 600Ω Lines
  • -82dBu (61.6V) -62dBu (0.616mV) -42dBu (6.16mV) Combo Jack (XLR-3-31 type *2
  • or TRS phone *3) Balanced 
  • -6dB -10dBu (245mV) +10dBu (2.45V) +30dBu (24.5V) 
  • ST IN 1,2 - 10kΩ 600Ω Lines -30dBV (31.6V) -10dBV (316mV) +10dBV (3.16V) RCA Pin Jack Unbalanced 
  • *1. Sensitivity is the lowest level that will produce an output of +4dBu (1.23V) or the nominal output level when the unit is set to maximum gain. (All faders and level controls are at maximum position.)
  • *2. 1: GND, 2: HOT, 3: COLD
  • *3. Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Sleeve: GND
  • *In these specifications, 0dBu = 0.775Vrms.
  • *+48V DC (phantom power) can be supplied to INPUT XLR type connectors via each individual software controlled switch.
  • Analog output characteristics
  • Output Terminals Source
  • Impedance For Use With
  • Nominal GAIN SW Output Level Connector balanced /
  • Unbalanced
  • Nominal Max. before clip
  • OMNI OUT 1-16 75Ω 600Ω Lines
  • "+24dBu" position (default) +4dBu (1.23 V) +24dBu (12.3 V) XLR-3-32 type *1 Balanced 
  • PHONES *3 100Ω 40Ω Phones - 3mW 75mW Stereo Phone Jack (TRS) *2 Unbalanced 
  • *1.1: GND,2: HOT, 3: COLD 
  • *2 Tip: LEFT, Ring: RIGHT, Sleeve: GND 
  • *3 The position of the level control is lowered by 16dB from the maximum.
  • *In these specifications, 0dBu = 0.775Vrms. 
  • *All output DA converters are 24bit, 128times oversampling.
  • Digital input/output specifications
  • Terminals Format Data length Audio Connector
  • USB (TO HOST) USB 24bit 34ch input / 34ch output, PCM USB (B type)
  • iPad USB - Playback: MP3 or WAV file data / Record: WAV file data
  • USB (A type)
  • Control I/O specifications
  • Terminals Format Level Connector
  • NETWORK IEEE802.3 10BASE-T/100Base-TX RJ-45
  • FOOT SW - - TS Phone

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