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Allen & Heath GR2 1u Rack Mount 5 In 4 Out Zone Mixer

Product Code: ALGR2
Manufacturer: Allen & Heath

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The GR2 is a 9-input, 4-output analogue zone mixer for sound installations requiring 6 mic/3 stereo line or 4 mic/4 stereo line to 1 stereo/1 mono zone and aux output.

All settings are custom configurable from the front panel and are protected by a cover plate for day-to-day operation. Zone source selection, volume and more may be remotely controlled.

GR2_threequarter_Main GR2-Connections_Main PL-12 OVERVIEW PL-12 is an optional accessory for GR2. It is a wall mounted remote control, offering the non technical operator control over music source and level.

A single PL-12 can control both zones or a second PL-12 can be added to control the second zone. The PL-12 is not compatible with the iDR PL-Anet range of wall plates and digital installation products.

Key Features

  • 6 mic/line inputs with EQ
  • 3 (or 4) stereo music inputs
  • Paging and music priority override
  • Mono and stereo zone outputs
  • Mono aux output
  • Remote control
  • Configuration protection


Output level control VCA signal path Front panel or remote DC control
Paging Configured independently to zone 1 and 2 Triggered by page mix signal presence Threshold -20dB Ducking depth -20dB
Music 1 priority Configured independently to zone 1 and 2 Triggered by music 1 signal presence Threshold -20dBu Release time selectable short = 2 seconds, long = 12 seconds
Routing Zone 1 = music only, or music+mic mix Zone 2 = nothing (page only), music, mic mix, or music+mic mix Aux = any combination of page mix, mic mix, zone 1 or zone 2 mix
Signal meters 2-colour LED for each input and output Green = signal –12dB, red = peak +15dB (5dB before clipping)
Page mix equaliser Fixed HPF 150Hz, LPF 8kHz
Mic mix equaliser HPF swept frequency 20 to 400Hz MF ±12dB swept frequency 180Hz to 5kHz HF ±10dB shelving 12kHz
Zone 1 equaliser LF ±12dB 80Hz shelf, HF ±12dB 10kHz shelf


Mic/line 1-6 in Balanced Phoenix screw terminal (mic 1 duplicated on XLR, pin2 hot)
  Pad out 2k ohm -60 to -20dBu
  Pad in 10k ohm -30 to +20dBu
  Phantom power = +15V
Stereo music 1,2,3 in Dual RCA phono 50k ohm -10dBV or +4dBu
Mix expander in Balanced Phoenix screw terminal 10k ohm 0dBu
Page in Balanced Phoenix screw terminal 10k ohm 0dBu


Zone out 1,2 out Impedance balanced Phoenix screw terminal (Duplicated on RCA phono) 0dBu <75ohm
Aux out Impedance balanced Phoenix screw terminal (Duplicated on RCA phono) 0dBu <75ohm


Maximum output +20dBu into 2k ohm
Internal headroom +20dB
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz +0/-1dB
Noise Residual output noise (zone level min) <-91dBu Mix noise (one selection, (zone level max) < -85dBu

Power supply

Maximum output

3pin IEC male socket
Universal mains input 100-240V.AC 47-63Hz 25VA max
Supplied with country dependent mains power lead
Fuse T1AL 250V 20mm


Remote control

Zone level

0V = off, +10V DC = fully on
Zin = 10k ohm

Source select Off = 0V, music1=+2V, music2=+4V, music3=+6V, music4=+8V Zin = 10k ohm
Utility switches Zone 1 page enable, zone 2 page enable, mic mute, mic priority, alarm Held at +5V DC through diode and 10k ohm, switch to 0V (ground) to activate
DC voltage Internal +10V DC, max total current = 300mA (100mA per pin) Protected against short circuit by a resettable fuse
Cable CAT5 UTP or STP, maximum recommended length 100 metres


Rack mount width 483mm (19") Height 44mm (1.7") 1U Depth 235mm (9.3") *
Rack mount width 434mm (17") Height 48mm (1.9") Depth 235mm (9.3") *
Weight Unpacked 3.6kg (8lb)    

Note * Depth does not include connector plugs. Allow at least 75mm (3") extra for the cables

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